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EHL research faculty host a variety of events, seminars, webinars and conferences throughout the year to discuss and disseminate trending topics and research findings.

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Throughout the academic year, the EHL research team provides many opportunities to stay abreast of their latest findings on industry developments and hospitality business trends through conferences, seminars, workshops, and news.

These events provide valuable insights and networking opportunities, and are open to the EHL community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners) and/or to external participants.

Bringing together experts from academia and industry at research events provides an interactive platform for faculty researchers to share their findings with a wider audience and co-create additional perspectives to solve current issues.

For example, the work of the EHL research team has in recent years been key to understanding the impact of the Covid crisis on hospitality and how to solve the ensuing staff shortages. The events hosted around these questions added to the solution-finding process and helped to establish EHL’s reputation as a thought leadership hub.

It is during live events that a researcher’s work is truly brought to light. To disseminate relevant data, generate interest in a particular field of study and foster collaboration among other researchers creates visibility within the field and the broader academic community.

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