Our Researchers

Combining teaching excellence with a commitment to data-driven thought leadership, EHL research faculty are leaders in their field, delivering outstanding quality projects that are cited worldwide.

Working independently, in academic partnerships or alongside industry professionals, EHL research faculty conduct applied and fundamental research that benefits the industry while also contributing to excellence in hospitality business education.

For applied research projects, faculty members conduct hospitality research in a variety of industry-related domains and are often recognized with research awards.

EHL faculty members are regularly awarded for their research projects and publications that apply data-driven methods to solve the industry’s real-world challenges and inspire future generations of hospitality professionals.

Name Function Teaching Location(s) Teaching Subjects

Establish a collaboration

Opportunities for collaborative research range from dedicated applied research projects by selected faculty members to sponsorship of a long-term research institute at EHL. The institutes provide EHL partners with dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of faculty and staff to deliver the solutions in a collaborative manner.