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“At EHL, our research faculty take great pride in gathering data and analyses from the field, knowing that their findings will directly impact what is being taught in the classroom and what is shaping the industry”, Markus Venzin, CEO.

Research is the gateway to driving forward progress and innovation. Research is key in pushing the boundaries of knowledge to create unprecedented and influential thinking for businesses, education, policies and people.

Research helps to advance knowledge and understanding of a specific topic and promote the development of evidence-based practices. It also encourages important academic partnerships with other educational bodies and research institutions, as well as enhancing the reputation of faculty.

For over 10 years, EHL's Faculty has been researching and developing innovative solutions to help hospitality businesses and hospitality education improve performance. This has included research into new technology, data analytics, customer service, sustainability, food safety, crises resilience and many other topics.

Establish a collaboration

Opportunities for collaborative research range from dedicated applied research projects by selected faculty members to sponsorship of a long-term research institute at EHL. The institutes provide EHL partners with dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of faculty and staff to deliver the solutions in a collaborative manner.


In keeping with EHL’s tradition of putting management into practice, we partner with key players in complementary fields to advance the knowledge and practice of hospitality and service management.

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