Our Research Team

The research team operates under the direction of EHL's academic body and is key to support our researchers through their work.

EHL has dynamic research team that play an essential role in supporting and contributing to the academic productivity of our school. These teams are an integral part of EHL’s research ecosystem – committed to the generation of new knowledge and ensuring that EHL is known as much for its research as for its teaching capabilities. EHL research team works closely with faculty members across a variety of projects, acting as a vital support system in terms of data gathering and analysis.

Furthermore, by actively participating in writing and preparing conference papers, academic publications, grant applications, media articles and managing projects, they drive research excellence and help define EHL’s relevance as a hub of innovation and thought leadership in the field of hospitality.


Géraldine Assen - Research Assistant

Géraldine Assen is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. Her interests include cognitive processes & biases, social cognition, sustainable hospitality culture, and employee-customer experiences.

She holds a Master of Arts in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Neuchâtel, with a specialization in experimental methods, communication and interpretive processes.

Thanks to her multi-disciplinary background and joyful curiosity, Géraldine brings creative solutions to her projects.

Géraldine Assen Portrait

Flavien Brand - Research Assistant (SNSF Project)

Flavien Brand is an SNSF Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. As such, he is currently assisting on the research project "When the wild mind meets the disciplined eye: Professional identity processes at the intersection of institutional legitimacy and individual creativity". Headed by Professors Nicole Hinrichs and Marc Stierand, the project centers on Michelin-starred chefs’ professional identities and is fully funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Besides this project, Flavien has a particular interest in research topics involving the cultural and creative industries, with a focus on qualitative or mixed-methods approaches.

Flavien has remained at EHL Hospitality Business School after graduating from the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management program. After working one year as a Academic Assistant for entrepreneurship and corporate strategy, he became a Research Assistant, before joining the SNF project he currently assists.

Flavien Brand Portrait

Carla Cisneros - Research Assistant (SNSF Project)

Carla Cisneros is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. She is currently assisting on a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) about Michelin-starred chefs and their relationship towards curiosity and creativity, led by Professors Nicole Hinrichs and Marc Stierand. Outside of this project, her favorite research topics range from managerial accounting to wine tourism, with experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and tools.

Carla initially graduated with a Bachelor from EHL Hospitality Business School. She spent one year as a managerial accounting Academic Assistant, where she also got the opportunity to help develop an elective course around F&B concept creation. She then completed an MSc in Wine Management from the Burgundy School of Business. She was distinguished by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust with a Level 2 award in both wines and spirits and is currently helping organize the 2024 annual conference of the American Association of Wine Economists.

Carla Cisneros_Portrait

Amélie Keller - Flagship Project Coordinator

Amélie Keller is the Project Coordinator of the Flagship Resilient Tourism initiative - a CHF 5.5 million project supported by Innosuisse, involving 6 Swiss academic partners and 32 partners from the Swiss travel sector. She works closely with Professors Alessandro Inversini and Meng-Mei Chen on the overall management and communication strategy of the Flagship. She also manages a regional coaching program and advises local tourism stakeholders in their digital transformation.

Amélie holds a Master's degree in International Tourism from the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) with a minor in Sustainable Development, and a Bachelor's degree in Multilingual Communication from the University of Geneva. She has a strong interest and desire to make a positive impact on society through addressing sustainability challenges. She is also passionate about working with local tourism stakeholders to drive progress in tourism development, planning and management. 


Julneth Rogenhofer - Research Assistant

Julneth Rogenhofer is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. Her research interests include sustainable business models in the food service industry, exploratory research methodologies, and natural language processing. She has participated in different research projects focusing on sustainability transitions and training, leading to her participation in various international conferences and writing academic and media articles.

She holds a joined MA in Public Opinion and Survey Methodologies from the Universities of Lausanne, Lucerne, and Neuchâtel and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Technological University of Chile INACAP. In addition, she is an active member of an NGO working on the inclusion of immigrants in Switzerland.


Martha Sandoval Alvarado - Research Assistant

Martha Sandoval is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. Her research interests include the role of hospitality in creating social impact, sustainability awareness, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable business models. She has collaborated in research projects that explore the role of sustainable initiatives in general, and sustainable gastronomy and hospitality in particular in creating value that accrues to the society as a whole. She has also conducted feasibility studies for the development of sustainable-oriented InnoSuisse projects.

Martha holds a MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before joining EHL, she was a lecturer and scientific collaborator at the University of Monterrey in Mexico.She is a member of the network #nosinmujeres, which seeks to promote and make visible the work of women political scientists.


Lionel Saul - Research Assistant

Lionel Saul is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. His research interests center around sustainable business practices, as well as their contribution to the ecological transition and other contemporary grand challenges. Lionel has contributed to leading journals and participated in international conferences in hospitality and tourism. Moreover, his ongoing projects focusing on organizational hybridity and corporate foresight target a broader array of academic publications in the field of management.

Before shifting his focus to academia, he was active in political think tanks, where he co-authored a foreign policy brief for the Swiss government. Lionel holds a MSc in Business Administration with a major in Strategic Foresight, and is currently doing his PhD in Management at the University of Lausanne.


Ronald Sone - Research Assistant

Ronald Sone is a Research Assistant at EHL Hospitality Business School. He holds a MSc in Business Administration from HES-SO and before joining EHL, he worked as a business data processing specialist. He also worked on a project (HEG-FR) that focused on how universities can enhance students’ entrepreneurial mindsets rather than counting the number of startups that they create. His areas of interest include Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability, Generative AI, Change Management and Hospitality.

His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, research design, literature review data collection & analysis, statistical manipulation, presentation of data.

Ronald believes that when equipped with the right mindset/skillset, we can strive beyond any obstacle that we face either in life or our path towards being entrepreneurs.

Ronald Sone Portrait-2

Tatyana Tsukanova, PhD - Research Associate

Dr. Tatyana Tsukanova is an experienced researcher, educator, and professional specializing in entrepreneurship, strategy, and internationalization. Through her research, she explores how companies and new ventures navigate the complexities they encounter and leverage resources to attain success.

Tatyana received her PhD in Economics from the University of Tartu and was a visiting doctoral student at HEC Paris. She joined EHL to lead the research team. Tatyana is a regular contributor to leading academic journals and media publications, a frequent speaker at international conferences and other events, and an active member of several professional associations.


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