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EHL Research & Industry Update - May 2024


Online & Published

Aoun, A., Doukakis, L.C., Papanastasopoulos, G.A. (forthcoming). Family Ownership and Accrual Anomaly. The International Journal of Accounting.

Contessi, D., Viverit, L., Pereira, L. N., & Heo, C. Y. (forthcoming). Decoding the Future: Proposing an Interpretable Machine Learning Model for Hotel Occupancy Forecasting Using Principal Component Analysis. International Journal of Hospitality Management. DOI:

Csaszar, F. A.Hinrichs, N.,Heshmati, M. (2024). External representations in strategic decision-making: Understanding strategy's reliance on visualsStrategic Management Journal1–36

Hasman, A. & Samartín, M. (forthcoming). Competition, coinsurance, and moral hazard in banking. Journal of Banking & Finance. DOI:


Fuchs, M. & Schreier, M. (2024, May 28th-31st). Uniquely Designed Products: When Unique Aesthetic Product Designs Destroy – and Create – Customer Value [Paper presentation]. The 53rd Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Bucharest, Romania.

Hasman, A., Heo, C. Y., Blengini, I., & Borzillo, S. (2024, May 24-26). Marketing Resilience: Can Marketing Empower Sustainable Hotel Revenue Streams During Tough Times? [Paper presentation]. 2024 ApacCHRIE conference, Seoul, South Korea.


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External Events

Blal, I. moderated the panel “Innovations shaping the future of accessible and inclusive travel” at the ATM-Arabian Travel Market-Dubaï on May 8, 2024.

Internal Events

Bertinetti, R. gave two whorkshops to a group of representatives (15 people) of the Coca-Cola Hbc Suisse during their training at EHL Advisory Services. Topic: Boost your creativity workshop and Caffé Vergnano workshop, May 28-29.

Clergue, V. Invited Angella Lillo (Innovation and Portfolio Director at Nestlé Purina PetCare) as guest speaker on Product Innovation in Purina in the Foundations of Marketing course S2024, May, 2024.

Clergue, V. Invited Mariya Kutmanova (Head of Brand Growth at International Olympic Committee) as guest speaker on Branding in the Foundations of Marketing course S2024, May, 2024.

Clergue, V. Invited Yasemin Oruc (Senior Lecturer Marketing & Innovation and Research Fellow at HTH) as guest speaker on City branding: the case of Amsterdam in the Foundations of Marketing course S2024, May, 2024.

Hinrichs, N. ran the working group: “Digital, retail, booking, innovation” together with Ian Millar and Michael Levie at the International Advisory Board meeting on May 6, 2024.