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EHL Research & Industry Update - April 2024


Online & Published

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External Events

Blal, I. participated to the panel: “Luxury Tourism & Hospitality is Growing Back in Europe: Will we run out of staff?” During the 50th Anniversary of the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) meeting. 2024, April 13- Venice, Italy.

Hinrichs, N. participates as a judge on the Business Venture Projects at EPFL. 2024, April 26, Lausanne.

Girardin, F. gave a presentation to a group of MBAs from Pepperdine University. Topic: Brand Authenticity and CSR Hypocrisy, Château d’Hauteville, St-Légier. 2024, April 24.

Internal Events

Bertinetti, R. gave two whorkshops to a group of representatives (15 people) of the Coca-Cola Hbc Suisse during their training at EHL Advisory Services. Topic: Boost your creativity workshop and Caffé Vergnano workshop, 2024, April 23.

Bertinetti, R. organized two events to promote Lurisia (Coca-Cola) products by creating specific cocktails at the client's request. EHL Alliance organized the event, 2024, April 25.

Blal, I. moderated 2 panels : “ Gastronomie  & Santé : Cas pratique du milieu hospitalier » and « Gastronomie & Santé : une question de santé publique » at the 2nd annual conference of the EHL Institute for Nutrition R&D. Participants were from the health and gastronomy sectors, 2024, April 22.

Blal, I. organized the panel “managing hotels in times of war”. The panelists: Guy Lindt, GM American Colony Hotel, Artem Prykhodko, GM InterContinental Kyiv, and Mr Nicolas Vout, Head of Digital transformation & data, International Committee of the Red Cross, 2024, April 30.

Fernandez, S. Invited Damien Thélin (Co-founder, Daag) as a guest speaker in the elective “Emotional intelligence in human interactions” to describe his journey in helping organizations to developing emotional intelligence and well-being among their employees, 2024, March 7.

Fernandez, S. Invited Anne-Françoise Balleys (Deputy Director, Singulia SA) as a guest speaker in the elective “Emotional intelligence in human interactions” to describe how assessment centers are used to measure candidate’s competences, 2024, March 14.

Fernandez, S. moderated a panel “#nofilter: an open discussion between generations” at the EHMA 50th Anniversary Conference in Venice between Ezio Indiani (former president, EHMA), Panos Almyrantis (current president, EHMA) and Emma Latteux (AEHL) and Tara Zehnder (AEHL), 2024, April 13.

Hasman, A. invited Pascal Meinherz, Managing Director and co-head of Private Wealth Management, along with Daniel Vogt, Executive Director and Private Wealth Advisor, both from Goldman Sachs, to deliver a presentation on investment and macroeconomic trends for EHL Corporate Finance students, 2024, April.