Long-run economic and demographic influences on international tourism

The project aims to investigate the impact of various long-run trends (including population aging, catch-up growth, migration and environmental changes) on international travel

Main Applicant:

Davoine, T., EHL Hospitality Business School


Start and End Date:

01/01/2023 → 31/12/2024

External Funding:


Project Description

Travel and tourism play an important economic role. Yet, compared to other countries, international travel to Switzerland has declined: the 5th most visited country in 1950, it is now only the 35th most visited. The project will investigate factors which may explain these long-run variations. Four trends will be investigated: catch-up growth, population aging, migration and environmental changes. The first two trends will be analysed in details for the first time. As an application, the project will provide long-run projections of international travels towards Switzerland from a selection of representative foreign countries, based on expected variations in the four trends.

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