How much more can the Galapagos Islands support? Social, ecological and psychographic carrying capacities

Calculating tourism carrying capacities in the Galapagos island.

Main Applicant:

Varga, P., EHL Hospitality Business School


• Muñoz, A., Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador
• Martin-Rios, C., EHL Hospitality Business School

Start and End Date:

01/04/2023 → 01/10/2024

External Funding:

Swiss Federation (Bilateral Program - Leading House for the Latin American Region program)

Project Description

The project intends to fill in the gaps in the currently available scientific knowledge and management strategies for tourism in the forms how tourists perceive the destination as well as residents. The project intends to measure an array of Carrying Capacities related to environmental, social, and psychographic components. To reach the expected results, this project provides concrete analysis concerning the islands carrying capacities, which will be valuable for local stakeholders’ tourism planning and management with concrete recommendations concerning the reinforcement of monitoring towards a ‘true’ sustainable tourism that could potentially alleviate the over-crowding and pressure upon the tourism system in general, especially in the populated centres in Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

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