Digital Supported Regenerative Hospitality in Rural Lebanon

The project was designed to explore the regenerative hospitality practices of rural Lebanon

Main Applicant:

Inversini, A., EHL Hospitality Business School


• Talhouk, S.N., American University of Beirut
• Daou, A., American University of Beirut

Start and End Date:

01/02/2023 → 31/01/2024

External Funding:


Project Description

Regenerative businesses aim at making a net positive impact on nature and social ecosystems around them. Regenerative hospitality organizations can be seen as the cornerstone of the destinations' sustainability; this is especially true in rural context where the growth of such businesses is intertwined with the community both at natural and social level. This project aims at creating a long lasting research partnership between EHL – Hospitality Business School and the Nature Conservation Centre of the American University of Beirut on a topic of mutual interest; the research has been designed to generate a better understanding of the role of regenerative hospitality organization in rural Lebanon and their use of digital technologies to support natural and social systems regeneration. The research team aims at disseminated a white paper based on the results of the research proposing digitally enabled regenerative hospitality organizations as one of the possible answers to the current economic and social hardship Lebanon is experiencing to support a more regenerative economic and social growth in the travel field.

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