The detrimental impact of service digitization on frontline staff’s productivity, well-being, and customer experience

Examine how technology-enabled service failures during service encounters can affect the performance and well-being of frontline staff.

Main Applicant:

Yu Kerguignas, J., EHL Hospitality Business School


Start and End Date:

01/09/2023 → 01/02/2025

External Funding:


Project Description

While numerous studies have emphasized the benefits of service digitization, frontline staff frequently encounter technology-related service disruptions during customer interactions. This study aims to explore the negative impact of these incidents on staff's customer-oriented behavior and their ability to deliver high-quality customer experiences. Additionally, our research delves into the examination of negative emotions, including stress, frustration, anger, and guilt, experienced by frontline staff, which can result in reduced well-being and a diminished sense of autonomy and competence. Finally, practical solutions will be investigated in this research to address these challenges. 

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